Welcome to cuteblog unique blog template.

Welcome to cuteblog template for eleventy 11ty.

this is a free and open source code for develope and build modern blog or website using generator static site.

what a special with eleventy is because 11ty very fast stable and powerfull on SEO.

How to install ??
For first of course we need to download node js, so you can download node →

then you can download cuteblog 11ty source code.

or clone repo with run git clone

open sourcecode project and run npm install

now you can deploy on your server with run npm start

open web browser and visit on localhost:8080

Work with cuteblog 11ty

for first you an open _data folder then edit metadata.json change title , description ,url and other for your website and blog.

now for create and edit update or delete post article you can visit on posts folder, create new md files and write your article in here. you can copy and paste sample article in here then edit with you needed.

Deploy cuteblog on hosting

for first you can run npm run build or npm build then you can deploy _site folder on static hosting like surge or firbease.

For simple deploy you can push your project on github repo then create project on netlify, vercel or heroku and integrated with your repo project . now your cuteblog project is live.

Blogging →